Individually shaped approach to testing that delivers quick and precise measurements for skills and competences.
Why CAT?
Let's see how CAT can improve your testing processes.
No magic, just science.
Quicker results
The research has shown that applying CAT methodology reduces the testing time by 50-60% on average. Saving you quite a bit on testing facilties and staff.
Improved motivation
The assignments, suggested by the CAT to a tastee become more difficult very gradually and adapt to his or her performance allowing for the testee to avoid being unnecessary stressed out and improving the motivation.
Better security and more accountability
The fact that CAT is a dynamic system that suggests assignments to each testee differently makes it nearly impossible to cheat. As the result plagiarism and test material leakage is reduced.
More precise results
CAT helps to individualise each test, which in turn allows for getting a better picture of what each particular person knows or doesn't know.
How does CAT methodology work?
The main underlying principle of CAT is to suggest assignments that are just right for each participant's level of skills and knowledge. If the level of skills and knowledge of one particular participant is very high there's no need to waste time by making him or her complete very easy assignments.

The procedure goes as follows. First the level of skills and knowledge of a participant gets assessed if there is not prior data available from previous tests and assessments. Then the participant is offered an assignment that matches his or her level of skills and knowledge by difficulty. The level of skills and knowledge is constantly reassessed and renewed based on the participant's performance with the offered tasks. The procedure repeats itself until the desirable level of confidence about the assessment can be reached. A few iterations of this procedure allow to decrease the amount of assignments a participant has to complete in order for us to get the assessment with the desirable level of confidence.
Where can CAT bring the most benefits?
  • The measurement of the results of corporate learning
  • Measurments of skills and knowledge for HR needs
  • Professional certification
  • Testing and measurement in educational institutions
  • Creating quick and cost-efficient exams
What do we offer?
Complete test creation
You provide us with an assignments bank and w Создание адаптивного теста из предоставленного банка заданий. Подготовка теста с помощью пилотного исследования и симуляция.
Extended reports on each testee progress.
Conduct your tests online with proctoring.
You want need any facilities to get reliable and accountable results.
Customizable digital certificates.
Interested? Let us get in touch and discuss how CAT can make your testing processes more efficient!