Invite your students in a classroom in any open course on Stepik and get access to their progress and solutions.

Who could benefit from a Classroom?
Use an online course to make sure everyone in your group has the same understanding of the material
Using a classroom will help you to make sure that your students actually completed the course and all the assignments.
Use an online course as additional materials to your course
Face-to-face time with your students is unfortunately always limited. You can offer an online course to your students as a way to learn more or get more practice. You will get access to their grades and will be able to assess the benefits of such additional materials.
Try a flipped classroom format without spending too much resources on creating your own content
Use online course as a substitute for lectures and free up the valuable face-to-face time for more interactive and personalised learning.
Use an online course for educating your team
Use ready-made content that was verified on a large number of our students. You will get access to your employees' progress.
Scale your corporate training
Do you wish for your employees to quickly master a certain subject? An online course is a perfect solution.
Use an online course as a hiring tool
You can use assignments from an online course as trial assignment. That way you can easily filter out candidates that are completely unfit for the position.
How to create a Classroom?
Find a course
Find a course that could be useful to you in the catalogue of Stepik.
Create a Classroom
Enroll in the course and create a classroom in the course menu.
Invite your students
Invite your students in the classroom by sending them a link. We will only grant you access to a student's progress in case of a consent. The fact that a student accepted an invitation to a classroom can be regarded as a consent.
Learn about their progress
Watch your students' progress at
  • ∞ classrooms in your courses
    (in case you are the course author)
  • ∞ students in classrooms
Create a Classroom
  • Up to 500 students in all classrooms
  • ∞ students in classrooms for academia *
  • ∞ classroom
Create a Classroom
$ 980 / 3 months
  • Over 500 students in all classrooms
  • ∞ classrooms
  • Higher priority customer support
* If you work in academia (University Professor, TA, student, etc.) you can fill out the form and get a 100% discount.
Get an academic discount
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Terms an conditions for the course creators
If you are the creator of the course you can create Classrooms in it for free. Create Classroom.
Discounts for academia
If you're currently a student, a PHd student, a professor or a highschool teacher contact us for receiving your 100% discount. State the name of your institution in the "Message" section.
Additional discounts
You can get additional discount if you purchase a subscription for more than half a year.
To receive your discount contact us and describe your situation in the "Message" field.
Customize our plans
You can customize our plan by requesting a subscription for 6 or 12 months and a necessary amount of students. Contact us for more details and billing information. Describe your situation in the "Message" field.
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