From now on you can create a classroom in every open online course hosted on Stepik to get access to your student's progress and solutions

How can you benefit from a Classroom?
Try out blended learning or flip your classroom with minimal effort
You can use assignments from online courses as a part of in-class activity. Or let your students watch lectures home to make more time for meaningful discussion of the material face to face. The content is already there! You can just try it out without investing hours into making your own.
Use online course as a precondition for your class
Do you have students from different backgrounds? Do you need to make sure they poses certain skills and amount of knowledge to move on with the material? Use online courses as a way for your students to fill in the gaps and assess their progress by observing their performance on assignments.
Use online course as additional material for your class
Do you have more material that you'd like to share with your students than time on your hands? Use online courses as a way to teach your students more while still getting access to the grades they are getting.
Examples of the courses you can already use in your teaching
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To create a Classroom:

  • Go to

  • Type in the ID of the course that you'd like to use. Also state the name of the Classroom and the description that the will be shown to your students in the invitation. You can access the list of the Classrooms you've created on

  • Invite your students to the Classroom by sending them the link, for example, by email.
    We do not give access to students' grades and answers without the student's consent. The fact that a student accepted the invitation to a Classroom is considered to be his or her consent for transferring the grades and answers to the educator.

  • You can track the progress of your students on
Or simply:

  • Find a suitable course in the catalogue of Stepik.
  • Enroll in it and create a classroom in the menu of the course.
Note that you will not get access to the course settings and the settings of the quizzes.
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