Create Effective Online Courses
Use convenient and simple tools for training in closed groups
and assessment of students' success.
You decide who and when gets access to your educational content.
Who can benefit from
a private course?
Main advantages of the private courses over public ones on Stepik: full control over the content and inviting only those who need to be in the course.
Once you've created the course you can use it for different groups of students and disable it for the time that you don't need it. It will stay on the platform and later on you can just enable it again.
The Creative Commons license (applicable to all open content on Stepik) does not apply to the private courses. Your content will remain entirely private.
  • Companies with solid corporate education programs use Stepik in order to constantly improve their employees' skills
  • HR departments use programming assignments on Stepik for initial screening
  • University professors use Stepik to teach an ever-growing number of students and to make the homework assignments digital, while maintaining control over access to the educational content
  • Private instructors use Stepik to make their teaching process easier by employing code auto grading
* Each plan except for Enterprise includes a free 14 days trial.
per month
No private courses
∞ students
∞ public courses
Regular support

per month
1 private course
∞ students
∞ public courses
Priority support

per month
10 private courses
∞ students
∞ public courses
Higher priority support

∞ private courses
∞ students
∞ public courses
Highest priority support
* If you work in academia (University Professor, TA, student, etc.) you can fill out the form and get a discount.
Start a trial
To start a trial, you do need to enter your credit card information, but your card will not be charged at all if you cancel your trial within 14 days. If you will not cancel your trial within 14 days period, you will be charged for the next month on the 15th day (i.e. the first two weeks are free), and then every month.

We process payments through Stripe. Stripe will send you an email invoice for each charge, and we will notify you on failed transactions if they will occur.

Update, downgrade or cancel subscription
If a monthly subscription is scheduled for a date that does not occur in a given month, we'll create the charge on the last day of the month. E.g. after January 30, the next charge will be on February 28 or 29, and the next one – on March 30.

If you cancel your subscription, all your private courses will become disabled (closed). It means you retain full access to courses, but your students won't be able to access its content.

If you downgrade your subscription, some of your courses may become disabled to fit into the new subscription plan limits. You can then disable and enable the courses you need. You can avoid this situation by disabling or deleting unnecessary courses before downgrading your subscription.

If you downgrade or upgrade your subscription in a middle of billing period (month), then the next charge will take this into account – see details at

We do not offer refunds.

We provide support for all plans through the Help Center and email Regular support may take up to 1 week, higher priority support – up to 3 business days, highest priority support – within 1 business day.

Due to the high volume of requests for subscriptions, we are unable to fill out any vendor portals, payment forms, or agreements at this time. We are unable to provide paper invoices of any kind. If you really need a custom agreement or additional paperwork, please contact our corporate division at, but please note that the corporate prices starts at 7x usual prices, with a billing period starting from 1 year.

Last but not least. You can create unlimited number of public (open) courses at any time on any plan, including the free plan! The major differences between private and public courses is that public courses will be accessible for everyone to enroll and learn, and all public content is licensed under Creative Commons with attribution required.