Difficulties and questions about the platform

If you have any questions regarding the Stepik platform, you can contact our Help Center.

If you have any more questions left that were not answered by the entries of the Help Center feel free to leave a request in the form

In case you experience any difficulties with the platform please include the following information in order to get a faster and more relevant response:

  • Describe the problem (playback error, submission error et c.)
  • Include the link to the step(s), where you encountered the problem.
  • Your operating system (for example Win7, OS X, Ubuntu, iOS, Android, др.)
  • The name and the version of your browser (for example, Google Chrome 45.0.2454.99 m)
  • The type of device you were using.
  • Whether the issue only occurs when connected to 3G/4G network or Wi-Fi as well.
  • When was the first time you've encountered the issue?
  • How did you already try to solve the issue?
Please note that the team does not answer the questions about the content of the courses. If your questions concern the content of the course or the assignments you can leave them in the comments under the corresponding step.

Stepik platform is open for any educational content. We cooperate with educational institutions, companies, and individual authors.

If you have questions or suggestions about potential partnerships contact us at
Information for the media

You can find detailed identity guide and different logo formats and submit an application for interviews, events and conferences at Press Page. If you have any questions contact us at