Create Effective Online Courses
Use convenient and simple tool for training in closed groups
and assessment of students' success.
You decide who and when gets access to your educational content.
What is a private course?
A private course is a closed course on Stepik, access to which is determined by the author. Main advantages of the private courses over public ones on Stepik: full control over the content and inviting only those who need to be in the course. Private courses can not be found or accessed by regular users on the platform.
Who could benefit from private courses?
  • To train employees, partners, customers.
  • For testing, including job applicants.
  • To implement flipped classroom (theory — online, practice — face-to-face).
Training Centers:
  • As an addition to full-time programs to make sure learners possess the same knowledge.
  • To translate offline learning into an online format.
Educational organizations:
  • For teaching students, full-time and correspondence forms.
  • For the organization of additional professional education programs.
  • For carrying out of online competitions.
  • To scale the number of students by transferring learning online.
  • To check homework online and to automate the testing.
  • To automate the verification of programming assignments.
Business trainers:
  • To create an online course in addition to full-time programs.
  • For the organization of paid distance learning.
How to create a private course?
Benefits of private courses on Stepik

Create private online courses for your audience
Built-in authoring tool
The cost of the subscription includes the editor of online courses. Add video, files, text and assignments into the course.
Unlimited number of students
Teach any number of students on your course. As the number of students increases, the cost of subscription will not change.
Communicating with students
Communicate in the comments under each step of the course, create forums for a joint discussion. Create automatic mailings.
Create easy quizes, code quizes, data assignments and other types (20+) of steps. Add peer review to free response (essay), code (code review) and any other step types.
Integration with other platforms
Stepik platform supports LTI protocol (IMS LTI 1.1). Therefore it can be integrated into most educational platforms (Instructure Canvas, Moodle, Coursera and others).
You can configure automatic or one-time issuance of electronic certificates. Add organization logo and instructors signatures.
Advanced reporting
The instructors of every course have access to detailed statistics and reports about their students' performance. You can also use automatical analytics of assignments complexity.
Mobile apps
Free mobile app for iOS- & Android-devices. Students can submit code quiz and watch videos even if there's no Internet connection.
Reviews from Stepik customers
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If you cancel your subscription, all your private courses will become disabled (closed). It means you retain full access to courses, but your students won't be able to access its content.

If you downgrade your subscription, some of your courses may become disabled to fit into the new subscription plan limits. You can then disable and enable the courses you need. You can avoid this situation by disabling or deleting unnecessary courses before downgrading your subscription.

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